The Benefits of Bluetooth

The Benefits of Bluetooth

When you are ready to buy a new pair of hearing aids, the options can be overwhelming. With so many different features available, how do you decide which ones are a must and which ones can wait? You might need to prioritize some fe/tures for their functionality, such as sound quality, speech recognition, and background noise reduction. Other features might seem to be crucial, such as rechargeable batteries or resistance to moisture and debris. When you are making your decision about a new pair of hearing aids, you might wonder how necessary Bluetooth connectivity will be for you. Although it seems like a luxury add-on, you might discover that it becomes so important that you can’t imagine life without it. Let’s take a look at the ways that wireless connectivity can support your life through hearing assistance. 

Bluetooth Connectivity and Hearing Aids

When you get your new pair of hearing aids, you will need to make some adjustments right away. The general volume level will need to be modified for any hearing aid user, and other parameters might need to be modulated, as well. In the past, the fine tuning of hearing aid settings needed to be performed by a professional technician, but Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to control several features of your hearing aids through an app on your smartphone. When you use this wireless functionality to control these settings, you can simply open the app and move through several different menus to see what parameters can be changed. In the first place, you can change the general volume level, and you might want to adjust this feature depending on the place in which you find yourself. For instance, a quiet afternoon at home might require just a little boost in volume, but a busy transportation hub or shopping center can require much more assistance. Beyond the volume level, you will find a wide array of other features that can be controlled. You can change the balance of high sounds to low sound through equalization, and some apps even let you save these settings as different profiles suited to different locations. You might know that your workplace has a lot of high-frequency sound that makes it difficult to hear voices, while a certain speaker at your community center has a booming lower voice that needs special attention. By saving this setting, you can simply click on your app and get the best sound for that place each time you visit. 

Additional Benefits of Bluetooth

Beyond connecting with the app on your smartphone, Bluetooth connectivity also makes it possible to integrate your hearing aids with other sound-producing devices and features. For instance, you can have your phone ringer and notifications sent directly to your hearing aids to make sure you don’t miss a call or text message. You can even carry on that phone call directly through your hearing aids, eliminating the struggle to communicate through the headset on your phone. Phone calls and text notifications are not the only audio that you can have sent directly to your hearing aids through Bluetooth connectivity. You can stream music, audiobooks, podcasts, and the sound for videos directly to your hearing aids, just as if they were earbuds. This integration is not only good for entertainment but it makes it possible to get the media you want while remaining aware of the sounds in your surroundings, an important safety feature. 

If you are interested in getting to know these benefits of hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity, the first step is to make an appointment for a hearing test. We will use that diagnostic exam to determine which kinds of hearing aids are suited to your needs. If we determine that you are a candidate for hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity, we can discuss the benefits of these features and how they can serve your individual needs and suit your lifestyle. Why not call to make your appointment today? When you get the hearing assistance you need, you will open a world of better communication and a wide range of other benefits, as well. The benefits of Bluetooth connectivity will only add to the other ways that your aids serve you.