Noise Induced Hearing Loss & Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can come from various factors like age, injury, head trauma, but exposure to loud noises is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. Your lawnmower, a gunshot at the firing range, a live guitar solo from your favorite band – what’s in common with all these daily noises? They all could damage your hearing!

Exposure to Loud Noise is a Common Cause of Hearing Loss

A study conducted by Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA, found 58 million Americans are exposed to loud noises regularly. This means that one in five of us living in the U.S. is at risk of damaging regularly.

Researchers have noted workplace and recreational settings as the two most common areas where exposure to potentially harmful sounds occurs. That is no surprise: noise-induced hearing loss is often mentioned as the most common workplace injury.

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Occupational Hearing Loss

Occupational Hearing Loss

This study offered a deeper understanding of how we experience noise at, as data found that 22 percent of those surveyed were subject to 'very loud' noises at work for more than four hours per day, several days a week. Thirty-eight percent of those people didn't have access to hearing protection.

These results have led researchers to focus on the importance of hearing protection – and raise awareness of the lack thereof in workplaces across the country.


Damaging Noise from Recreational Gun Use

Turning to noise from recreational sources, one common loud noise that many may not notice is the noise from gun use. Of the nearly 35 million Americans who own guns, only 58% of owners currently use hearing protection when shooting their weapons, and 20% of those who fired 10,000 rounds of ammunition last year did not use any hearing protection. The vast majority of such noise exposure (77 percent) occurred on a recreational basis.

Gunfire is well within the range of loud noise that, without sufficient protection, can result in hearing loss from a one-time exposure of one minute or longer. In reality, any noise at or above 120 decibels may cause permanent ear damage.


Damaging Noise from Loud Music

Noise exposure at rock concerts and personal audio devices such as smartphones is increasingly being identified as a common cause of permanent hearing loss.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.1 billion young adults and teenagers experience hearing loss due to the inappropriate use of personal audio devices, including smartphones, and attendance at loud entertainment sites such as night clubs, bars, and sporting events.

How to Protect Your Hearing

At HEARtoday, we recommend using custom ear protection if you are routinely exposed to high sound levels on the job or in your recreational activities. Custom earplugs are designed to suit your ear shape and size exactly, shielding them from harmful sound levels while allowing you to hear the sounds you want to hear. 

An Ounce of Prevention…

…is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes! This is especially true when it comes to our hearing. 

Foam or silicone earplugs are available over the counter and are definitely better than using no hearing protection at all. If you are frequently exposed to loud noise, consider investing in hearing protection. Custom ear protection lasts several years when properly cared for, and protects your hearing from long-term noise damage. 

Contact us at HEARtoday today to learn about our custom hearing protection products. 

We produce custom hearing protection for a range of needs:


Swimming and surfing earplugs shield the ears from water and cold air, causing odor infection or harm to the middle and outer ear.


With hunting and shooting, earplugs protect the ears from loud noise blasts from guns while also allowing softer noises to be heard.


There are special custom sleep earplugs designed for a good night's sleep for those who share a bed with incredibly noisy people or live in a noisy environment.


For people who work long hours in noisy occupations, such as manufacturing, carpentry, dentistry, teaching, and so on, noise exposure puts you at serious risk. Custom hearing protection is also useful for protecting your hearing while commuting on public transport.


Custom ear protection is available to protect the ears of musicians and people who work in the entertainment industry. Whether in a large stadium or a small, intimate location, the sound decibels produced by the speakers often reach damaging volumes.

Here Today, Hear Tomorrow! Experience the Benefits of Hearing Loss Treatment.

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