The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

It is often said that we don't realize what we have until it is gone – and sometimes, we only understand what we have missed when we get it back. This is undoubtedly the case with our hearing abilities. 

While hearing loss is the third most prevalent medical condition in this country, people often wait seven years before deciding to seek treatment. Untreated hearing loss will take a significant toll on a person's health and wellbeing during this period. 

Hearing loss is considered an intangible disease because the symptoms are not visually apparent. Still, early diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss with a hearing aid provide many significant benefits to a person's life.

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Treating Hearing Loss
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Seeking Treatment for Hearing Loss

If you had to choose between a condition which isolates you from your loved ones and the world around you and the possibility to reconnect with them, what would you choose? 

Admitting your hearing loss can at first seem overwhelming but never fear: the friendly and professional team at HEARtoday helps you get on the road to better hearing. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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Increased Earning Power

An estimated 60 percent of those in the U.S. workforce experience hearing loss and this disadvantage could be affecting their earning power. A study was recently undertaken by the Better Hearing Institute, which looked at people's income levels with hearing loss (both treated and untreated). It found that those with moderate to profound hearing loss who did not use hearing aids experienced household incomes between $5,000 and $6,000 lower than their counterparts who used hearing aids.
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Stronger Interpersonal Relationships

Communication is essential to maintaining healthy relationships with families, partners, family members, friends, and peers. A study conducted during Better Hearing and Speech Month in May 2015 found that “of the 27 million hearing loss U.S. adults, the number one affected relationship was the one with their romantic partner (35%), followed by friends, family members and colleagues.”

Hearing loss impedes our ability to understand speech. Asking loved ones to repeat themselves always can cause tension and irritation. The degree of hearing loss in some cases makes it difficult for people to hear higher-frequency voices (especially those of women and children).

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids makes connecting with your loved ones easier. They provide features that concentrate on and clarify speech sounds, which helps us with the most critical of our interactions.

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Increased Cognitive Abilities

Researchers observed a possible correlation between untreated hearing loss and dementia in a 2011 study by Johns Hopkins University. Researchers found that with chronic hearing loss, some brain regions that used to interpret sound now struggle with distorted sound signals. In turn, these ambiguous signals produced a higher cognitive load, which could fatigue the brain and increase the risk of dementia.

However, a later study found that our cognitive abilities were improved by hearing aids. Researchers measured the auditory and cognitive skills of the participants over three years. They found that people who handled their hearing loss with hearing aids had higher cognitive abilities than those who did not.


Improved Emotional Health

With untreated hearing loss, people can find themselves more irritable and nervous. Individuals with chronic hearing loss are at increased risk of depression, stress, and anxiety. Also, communication problems cause people to withdraw socially, which may lead to a sense of isolation. People can reconnect with their loved ones more easily after treating their hearing loss and pursue the activities and hobbies they have long enjoyed.
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Improved Personal Safety

Our ears keep us safe in various ways, from alerting us about a car coming from around the corner, or that someone is approaching from behind. It has been proven that treating hearing loss using hearing aids improves personal protection at home and abroad. Increased hearing can minimize the risk of falling and other injuries.

Using hearing aids for hearing loss has been shown to increase one's spatial awareness significantly. It can also help reduce the risk of falls and hospitalizations by helping support the vestibular system. 

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