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Welcome to HEARtoday!

We are proud to serve the hearing health needs of the Eden Prairie community and beyond. HEARtoday is an independently owned practice that is invested in providing high-quality, patient-centered care that transforms hearing health. Beth Thomas, AuD and owner, is an expert audiologist with 24 years of hearing healthcare experience. She is committed to helping people reconnect with loved ones and supporting them to live life more fully.

Visit our hearing center to have your hearing needs assessed and treated. We offer effective hearing solutions that offer countless life-changing benefits. We look forward to getting to know you and being part of your hearing health journey. Our practice serves Eden Prairie, Minnesota & surrounding areas, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our hearing specialists.

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    Do You Know the Signs of Hearing Loss?

    hearing loss

    Hearing loss typically develops gradually which means that it can remain undetected for years. Untreated hearing loss produces a range of symptoms that reduce a person’s ability to hear and process sound. Being able to recognize these symptoms is a useful way of identifying hearing health changes you could be experiencing. Common symptoms include: Tinnitus - a buzzing or ringing-like noise in one or both ears when no external sound is present. Sound is muffled, slurred, or distorted.

    • Increasing the volume on the TV set, phone, or other electronic devices.
    • Avoiding noisy restaurants, social gatherings, and spending time with others.
    • Lip reading to help identify individual words and follow a conversation.
    • Asking others to repeat themselves or speak louder so you can hear.
    • Finding yourself saying “huh” or “what” in response to others.
    • Struggling to keep up with a conversation.
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    These symptoms are among many which can be experienced mildly to more severe depending on the degree of hearing loss present. Your initial reaction may be to deny or downplay your experience of these symptoms because acknowledging changes to your health can be tough. This is understandable and normal, it can take some time to work through these changes and how you feel about them.

    Finding a hearing professional that understands what you are going through is essential and incredibly useful. We understand that living with hearing loss can be challenging and are invested in alleviating these difficulties. It is never too late to seek treatment that can profoundly enhance the quality of your life.

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    "Excellent!! Beth and Theresa are awesome!! Theresa is NOT the receptionist!!! She is Beth's marketing support! She is extremely knowledgable about the products offered and can answer many of your questions. In addition, she is definitely focused on delivering great customer service. Very nice and pleasant to work with. Beth is an expert on hearing devices. She gave me a thorough test, explained all the nuances of my lessened hearing capabilities and clearly explained my different options. She is extremely knowledgable about the advantages and disadvantages of all her products and made recommendations based on my needs. She is very personable and truly wants to provide her customers with the utmost in service and solutions. I would highly recommend Beth and Teresa to all of my family and friends. It is always refreshing to encounter people that truly understand customer service. They are the best!!!"
    - R. Bevis
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    Our Services

    Our Services

    Our practice strives to provide individualized care that is attentive to your specific hearing needs. We offer a range of comprehensive services from diagnostics to hearing aid selection, fitting, and maintenance. In addition to hearing aid expertise, HEARtoday offers services that support all aspects of your hearing health. This includes providing custom hearing protection and tinnitus management services. Our goal is to empower you on your hearing health journey by giving you access to high-quality resources and services.

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    Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

    There are countless benefits of treating hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss often results in people feeling disconnected and isolated from themselves, loved ones, and their community. By treating hearing loss, not only are symptoms alleviated but various aspects of daily life are enriched. Major benefits include:

    Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss
    • Being able to navigate conversations and social settings, and spending time with loved ones with greater ease and comfort.
    • Not missing out on conversations or moments because you weren’t able to fully hear.
    • Having more capacity to hear and communicate which is not as laborious as before.
    • Strengthened relationships as you are able to have rich conversations and spend quality time with others.
    • Improving overall health by strengthening cognitive functions, increasing spatial awareness, and boosting wellness.
    • This reduces health risks associated with hearing loss like cognitive decline, accidental injuries, and depression.

    Treating hearing loss strengthens communication, improves relationships, and enriches social life. These benefits help people live more satisfying and engaged lives. Hearing loss does not have to be a barrier, and with today’s treatment options, it isn’t. Today’s hearing aids are more technologically advanced and innovative than ever before. With an array of styles and features, hearing aids deliver high sound quality and enhance connectivity. They integrate easily into daily life and maximize your hearing capacity. Contact us today to get started!

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